Spa baths and their options

Relaxing, soothing, energizing, invigorating: the virtues attributed to balneotherapy are not lacking. Treat yourself to this well-being and the pleasures of hydromassage in your bathroom with a spa bath. Between a relaxation session and a stimulating cure, the spa bath offers a multitude of options that contribute to your well-being.

Tropicspa offers a large choice of hot tubs for all budgets and all bathrooms. Find corner, asymmetrical, round or rectangular bathtubs for a comfortable and designer bathroom! Spend a moment of intense relaxation in your bathroom, in the heart of your home, with head-to-toe massages from the comfort of your bathtub. You will inevitably find the model of your dreams among the many models offered, equipped with various functions. Depending on your choice, you will find the integrated radio, a USB port, ozone disinfection, the water heater, a cervical waterfall, 1 or 2 places, black or white, chromotherapy, music therapy ... and much more other features to satisfy your desires ... And always at a low price!

Balneotherapy is a therapeutic method recognized by the medical community. It allows you to relax and even relieve muscle pain thanks to the virtues of water.

Chromotherapy, on the other hand, promotes the effects of colored lights on the body and mind. These natural methods are safe for the body and allow for great moments of aquatic relaxation when combined.

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