A spa bath for extreme relaxation

To get the advantages and disadvantages of a spa tub, just ask people who have already had one installed in their homes. These will undoubtedly confirm that the first benefit is the relaxing effect on body and mind. Nothing beats a spa bath to relieve tension. Adjusted correctly, the force of the water jet massages you, relieves stubborn tensions and even promotes blood circulation. In addition to their relaxing function, whirlpools have a particularly positive effect on health. The combination of massage and temperature also decreases stress. It is also beneficial on the joints. People who suffer from rheumatism or similar pain, for example, often report significant relief.

A spa bath: an incredible number of layout possibilities

Whether you want to install a hot tub between your four walls or in your garden, you will quickly notice the number of different options available to you. You can integrate your spa bath into your masonry. But you can also have your tub enthroned in the middle of your bathroom - if the size of your room allows it. If you plan to install the spa in your bathroom, you can create the atmosphere of a beauty center or thalassotherapy center, that is to say a unique cocoon of well-being with subdued lamps. What to say goodbye to stress and negative thoughts! If you even have the freedom to devote an entire room to your hot tub, decorate it appropriately, for example with large plants around. In this case, the whirlpool bathtub is a strong element of the place and your room is transformed into a real oasis of well-being.

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